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Human Systems Systems Inc. Partners with MassMEP to Set Company Vision and Drive Growth


Human Systems Integration, Inc., (HSI) is a leading developer and provider of wearable situational awareness products and solutions located in Walpole, Massachusetts, with ten employees. HSI engineers products that emphasize ergonomics and human factors while ensuring that they will perform in some of the most challenging and austere environments and applications in the world.

The Challenge

HSI was referred to MassMEP through Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (M2I2), where the Company had engaged with the NextFlex Manufacturing USA Institute. After attending a marketing and sales event in September 2018, HSI partnered with MassMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, to build their marketing and organizational capabilities and to develop a strategic growth plan. 
When we were introduced to MassMEP, we had been looking for a partner who understood the overall manufacturing landscape and capabilities within the State. We knew the capabilities we were looking for in supply chain partners, and, although, as a company, we have many years of experience in the industry, the technologies and the manufacturing landscape are constantly changing. Having a partner (MassMEP) who is solely focused on staying on top of the manufacturing landscape in the state has proven to be invaluable to us. They are always available and have made some very valuable introductions to specific partners who are now part of our supply chain. Aside from their knowledge with the Commonwealth’s manufacturing eco-system, they also provide, both in-house and in partnership with others, very valuable trainings across a broad spectrum of topics from cyber security to business strategy and from lean operations to new product introduction. As we look out into the future, we look forward to continuing to work closely with MassMEP.
— Brian Farrell, President

MEP's Role

The strategic plan created through work with MassMEP was essential in defining the future direction of the company over the next 3 years. The planning process drove the company to identify highly achievable goals and to provide a clear vision for the future. As part of this work preparing for growth, HSI also engaged MassMEP on a cyber security assessment project. At this time, HSI’s primary customer market is the defense industry, and a critical requirement for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is to comply with, or have a roadmap and plan in place to comply with, NIST SP 800-171. NIST compliance was a key foundation for establishing a growth plan with the DOD.
Created July 14, 2020, Updated June 20, 2023