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Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP)

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MassMEP is a collaborative center comprised of government, business, and academic partners dedicated to helping Massachusetts manufacturers meet the challenges of competing in an ever-changing economy. MassMEP provides Massachusetts manufacturers with the resources they need to prepare for success in today’s advanced manufacturing environment. With real-world experience and expertise, MassMEP partners have the unique ability to help manufacturers identify, analyze, and overcome strategic, operational, and workforce challenges that may be blocking their path to growth and success.

The MEP Center offers a comprehensive set of resources, services, and support grouped into three core areas of expertise designed to help deliver positive, measurable, and sustainable growth to your company’s top and bottom lines: Operational Excellence, Workforce Strategies, and Innovative Growth Solutions. 

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Success Stories

Operational Excellence Foundation Provides for Future Growth

Reported Year
As a relatively new business owner, Devin Brown was eager to find consultants who could share tried-and-true solutions so that he didn’t have to discover them on his own. He developed an ongoing relationship with MassMEP, part of the MEP National Network™. As he focused forward, he reached out to MassMEP again in order to organize the shop, improve

Lean Innovation Program Increases Efficiencies and Employee Engagement

Reported Year
An Ohio awning company recommended MassMEP, also part of the MEP National Network™, to Atlantic Awning, based on that company's experience with Ohio MEP, also part of the MEP National Network™. Atlantic Awning contacted MassMEP and President Cheryl Yennaco happily agreed to accept MassMEP’s assistance implementing the solutions recommended by

Building a ‘Safety First’ Culture

Reported Year
Developing new talent is an essential goal for employers in the current environment. Klear Vu recognized that there was a need for ongoing training, due to the pandemic and recent new hires. In the last several years, Klear Vu has grown due to its growing ecommerce business. Klear Vu had also pivoted to fill a need locally and nationally to
Created March 18, 2019, Updated August 12, 2023