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Having a Robust Quality Management System is More Than Just a Certificate on the Wall. For XMA Corporation it Produced a Solid Company Culture


Founded in 2002, XMA Corporation is a global leader serving the RF and microwave industry. XMA manufactures proprietary thin film and thick film resistive elements as well as HiRel space and quantum RF products. The markets they serve are telecommunications, quantum computing, aerospace, military/defense, commercial, medical, and high-end test and measurement equipment. In 2016, XMA moved into a new 15,000 square foot facility in Manchester. Today XMA employs just under 100 with two locations, one in Manchester, New Hampshire, and one in China.

The Challenge

“I started at XMA in 2013,” said Marc Smith, President and CEO of XMA Corporation. “Because my background was in aerospace, I understood the value of a Quality Management System. We needed a robust QMS because it would strengthen our company culture. The employees would create it, follow it, be accountable for it and own it. This leads to a solid company culture. Where together every employee benefits.”


XMA’s customers were also pushing back on them to have a QMS. “At the time not much of our work was in aerospace,” said Smith. “But by having a QMS it would allow us to enter new markets and lead to sustainability and continued growth of the company.”

The efforts of NHMEP and the guidance from NIST were extremely helpful in moving XMA Corporation to the next level in our business growth. The professional level of support and guidance was unsurpassed and my tam learned a great deal from everyone at NHMEP. Our QMS is certified to AS9100D standards and we continue to benefit from the educational experience presented by NHMEP. They are a team of true professionals and XMA welcomes the next opportunity collaborate!

— Marc E. Smith, President

MEP's Role

In 2016 XMA enrolled in AS9100D On-Site Registration Upgrade training led by NH MEP, a NIST MEP affiliate and member of the MEP Network. XMA wanted to establish a quality management system based on AS9100D that included a process improvement component. XMA’s pursuit for AS9100D certification was based on the company’s strategy to train its employees on best quality management practices and position the company to compete globally. The training covered four areas: the development of a manual and applicable procedures; the development of work instructions and other general documented information; an overview AS9100D and the documented system; and an internal audit.

At the end of the training the XMA was audited and awarded their AS9100D On-Site Registration Upgrade certification.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021