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Blue Wolf Sales and Service Utilizes a Strategic Approach for Entering New Markets

With the help of: GENEDGE


Blue Wolf Sales & Service, Inc. (BWSS) is a small business (<15 employees) located in the town of Bluefield, Virginia. Since 1986, BWSS continues to manufacture chemical products for industry and household use, including specialized, custom blended products sold directly to major retailers, coal mine and automotive industries.

The Challenge

For many years, the coal industry was a major customer purchasing BWSS industrial strength cleaners and de-greasers. With the coal industry’s economic downturn, BWSS felt the significance as their sales plummeted. Company ownership/management aspired to seek outside assistance to diversify in providing their goods/services into other markets particularly the Department of Defense (DOD) Supply Chain.

Our mission statement here at Blue Wolf is to develop and deliver products to the consumer and industry which provide value and greatly exceed expectations. We feel these projects with GENEDGE will strategically position us to effectively grow into new markets like the DOD supply chain and diversify more to remain sustainable.

— Danny “Sean” Lester, President

MEP's Role

Through the Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security, GENEDGE Alliance, part of the MEP National Network™, received funding to operate the OEA Virginia DOD Rural Supply Chain Development Program (RURAL-VA) program to identify, select, and assist Virginia companies in rural regions, micropolitan areas, and small metropolitan areas that currently participate in the DOD supply chain.

For BWSS, GENEDGE utilized a competitiveness review (CR) assessment focused on operational processes and areas that are typically within the control of the organization. Based on BWSS's company goals and the results from the on-line and on-site company assessment, GENEDGE then offered a list of recommendations to help the company prepare and more forward. First was completing the Business Development Service offering through another regional organization. This service offering provided detailed instruction around federal and DOD contracting/subcontracting along with guidance through proposing and winning contracts.

Next, the Phase 1 Growth Accelerator Service Offering through GENEDGE assists companies in identifying potential DOD opportunities and developing an executable business case to determine investment required to realize these opportunities. These services included the development of a growth strategy intended to align the business strategy to focus on enabling high impact, sustainable growth for the enterprise, with emphasis on accelerated execution and assistance from GENEDGE growth advisers in developing clarity on the future growth trajectory for their business. Through this effort, BWSS developed clarity on market needs, offerings, and value proposition. Finally, GENEDGE helped the company develop a commercialization roadmap and business case plot the path forward to success.

Created August 4, 2022