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ATN helps company maintain and improve their quality management system with assistance and training


SEA Wire and Cable (SEA) is a woman-owned small business located in Madison, Alabama. As a manufacturer of custom cables and leading supplier of mil-spec wire, cable, and wire harness accessories for aerospace military applications, SEA Wire and Cable has developed a substantial client base including Boeing, Unison Industries, and Lockheed Martin. Additionally, SEA provides supplemental services likes laser marking, custom color coding, dyeing, cut and strip wire, etching, kitting, and subassemblies. Established in 1970, SEA Wire and Cable currently has approximately 85 employees.

The Challenge

SEA Wire and Cable (SEA) is currently certified to the AS 9100 Rev D Quality Management System (QMS) Standard for the Aerospace Industry. In order to maintain certification to the standard, SEA is required to perform an internal audit to ensure their QMS conforms to the standard requirements. Also, SEA was seeking a class on Root Cause/Problem Solving for employees to help solve problems and corrective actions. 

ATN has been a part of SEA Wire and Cable Inc Quality team from the beginning of our Quest for AS9100. Ronny Kisor and Chris Anderson were contacts and I continue to work with Chris till this day. All members of the ATN staff have always been very pleasant and professional in dealing with SEA. In 2018 ATN worked with SEA to continue the Root Cause and internal auditing Education of our employees.  I look forward working with them again in the future.
— William Thomas, Manager of Quality

MEP's Role

Starting in August of 2018, the Alabama Technology Network (ATN), part of the MEP National Network™, performed the required AS 9100 internal audit and presented SEA with an audit report.  This allowed SEA to correct any nonconformities before their external audit and maintain their certification. Then in September of ATN led a Root Cause and Problem-Solving class with approximately 20 SEA employees to learn methods on how to find and address problems at the facility.  This class integrated well with the Six-Sigma and problem-solving tools already at the facility and inspired employees to correct some of the current problems affecting the company.

Created August 4, 2022