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AS9100 Auditing Training and Certification Helps Spectrum Aeromed’s Sales Soar

With the help of: Impact Dakota


For over 25 years, Spectrum Aeromed has designed and developed air ambulance medical interiors for hospital programs, multi-mission charters, private operators, and military branches around the world.  The company also customizes VIP emergency medical interior suites for executive aircrafts and heads of states. Highly customized and field-tested, Spectrum Aeromed’s life support equipment provide unparalleled performance and responsiveness for both fixed and rotor wing aircraft.  Spectrum Aeromed holds STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) for over 400 aircraft.

The Challenge

Spectrum Aeromed has been an AS9100-certified quality management system organization for many years. This certification is important and sometimes a requirement to Spectrum Aeromed's customers to ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction are focus of what drives their organization.

Spectrum Aeromed's AS9100 management representative is responsible for maintaining and improving their quality management system. Due to staffing changes, this role has been temporarily supported by other key management team leaders. A gap was identified in skills to lead the AS9100 internal audit program, a required element of AS9100 compliance and certification. Chad Kost, Spectrum Aeromed's COO and interim QMS Management Representative, contacted Impact Dakota for support on a plan to develop and implement an internal auditing program.

Before the training, I didn't really know much about AS9100.  At first I was tentative but once we got started, I found it to be a great learning experience.  I felt Jodie's training made me be more aware of processes going on in our organization and helped me pay more attention to detail.  It made me more confident in my auditing skills and I amazed myself with how well I felt I did personally, and we all did as a team. I am thankful for the opportunity of having an in-depth auditor training.  It added value for the company and we are better for it.

— Chris Markus, Production Coordinator & AS9100 Certified Internal Auditor

MEP's Role

Jodie Mjoen, Senior Business Advisor at Impact Dakota and part of the MEP National Network™, performed an AS9100 revision D internal audit program assessment to determine the current state of Spectrum Aeromed's Internal Audit Program. Collaborating with Chad and experienced Spectrum Aeromed internal auditors, the team was able to review previous years' internal audits, determine current internal audit program capability and develop an internal audit plan and auditor training program. Four additional internal auditor candidates were identified and chosen to participate in AS9100 internal auditor training certification to bring the number of internal auditors up to six. 

Upon completion of the training, all auditors were required to demonstrate their understanding of the AS9100 QMS Internal Auditing and received certifications as auditors. Over the next two months the team executed audits to the 2020 Spectrum Aeromed AS9100 QMS Internal Audit Plan. 

Created September 17, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021