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Arrow Fasteners Workforce Development Success Story


Arrow Fasteners Company LLC. has a reputation for providing high-quality manual, electric, and cordless fastening tools for both DIYers and professionals. The company makes a full line of pneumatic, electric, and manual staplers, brad nailers, rivet tools, glue guns, and hammer tackers. Arrow Fasteners supplies the consumables for each of its products as well. 

The Challenge

Arrow Fasteners wanted to ensure it continues to maintain its reputation of producing such a variety of high-quality products. However, the company was feeling the same pressure as many of the nation’s manufacturers. The challenge is finding the right people to bolster their workforce. Even though New Jersey is filled with a dense population of highly educated workers, manufacturing is experiencing a severe skills gap.

Ronak is always excited to attend his courses and is learning an abundance from the staff and peers at NJMEP program. He is applying the knowledge learned from these courses to his daily production tasks as Assistant Supervisor. During my medical absence for the month of October, he was able to run 1st shift production and encounter everyday employee situations with minimal management supervision.

— Sharon Taylor, Area Manager

MEP's Role

Arrow Fasteners turned to NJMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, to increase employee loyalty, upskill motivated workers, and begin bolstering their workforce. The Pro-Action Education Network™ is a state-wide workforce development program, spearheaded by NJMEP, providing New Jersey manufacturers with a variety of solutions to bridge the skills gap.

Arrow Fasteners enrolled Ronak Vashi in the third Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician (IMPT) apprenticeship class. Manufacturers can enroll employees in any of the Pro-Action Education Network’s Registered Apprenticeship programs and reap the benefits that come along with investing in their employees without the massive effort of maintaining these highly regulated and nationally recognized US Department of Labor registered apprenticeships.

Registered apprenticeships are split into two parts, in-class instruction, and on-the-job learning. Employers are responsible for monitoring apprentices on-the-job learning while NJMEP maintains these records and facilitates the in-class related technical instruction. Employers report how the apprentices are performing throughout their journey and both NJMEP and the employer use these reports to track the apprentices’ progress. Ronak Vashi has been improving every step of the way throughout his apprenticeship journey.

Apprenticeship programs are designed to give apprentices the skills and education they need to do more on their own and contribute to a higher degree. Ronak feels as though his employer trusts in his abilities and believes in him enough to invest in his career. This encourages him to work diligently to ensure his company moves forward. The program is still in the early stages but the benefits to both the employer and employee are undeniable.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 22, 2021