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Optics Company Achieves ISO Certification, Improves Workplace Culture, and Diversifies Customer Base


Larry Hardin began working in precision optical fabrication as a teenager and developed a life-long passion for optics, technology, and science. Years of making precision optical components in the R&D lab of a major defense contractor helped build the skills necessary for Larry and his wife, Joyce, to found Hardin Optical on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast. Each year Hardin Optical produces thousands of components for optical devices that are critical to functions in military, medical, and industrial devices. From infrared optics in night vision systems to Powell lenses in laser line generators, Hardin Optical houses the latest equipment and technologies to create a wide spectrum of precision optics and thin-film coatings.

The Challenge

Hardin Optical was in the midst of a transition to second-generation family ownership. General Manager Michael Hardin reached out for support in developing a smart, cohesive strategy that aligned with Hardin’s vision to “Be the Premier State-of-the-Art Supplier of High Quality Precision Optical Components,” while keeping sight of their commitment to innovation, practical solutions, and the highest level of customer service. Hardin also sought assistance in navigating the changes required to transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.
OMEP has been instrumental in showing our company best practices and leading us through implementation. They bring smart, practical solutions, and a commitment to help your team understand and adopt.
— Michael Hardin, General Manager

MEP's Role

Hardin’s leadership team worked with OMEP to identify a strategic north star and assess their quality systems. OMEP then helped them focus on their core strengths that would help to lead the way as well as identify any risks or gaps that must be reinforced to achieve success.
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021