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Marketing Prospect Training Makes a Difference

With the help of: Kansas Manufacturing Solutions


The CIC Powerbox™ was invented and patented by Michael E. Windsor in the heartland of America. Completing his first prototype in 2003, he finalized his design and filed for a utility patent in 2005. The CIC Powerbox™ product line harnesses the raw American spirit of getting the job done while integrating practical and environmentally friendly technology that harnesses energy which is otherwise wasted.

With customers ranging from farmers to military bases and spanning from Alaska to Texas, the CIC Powerbox™ name has been put to the test for over a decade in the hardest working environments. CIC Powerbox, LLC has continued to build upon their founder’s dedication to building a powerful and reliable U.S. product backed by unwavering support for the customers who have helped get them where they are today.

The Challenge

CIC Powerbox, LLC was experiencing the challenge of having too many prospect segments to effectively market to. A very limited budget made the challenge even more complex. A broad target audience with marketing tactics that barely skim these segments does not allow for strong brand awareness or market penetration. 
The assistance defining and prioritizing our target market segments and the resources developed to understand the segments, has allowed us to be more effective with our outbound marketing tactics, positively impacting our sales and revenue numbers without a large increase in our marketing budget.
— Michael Windsor, CEO

MEP's Role

CIC Powerbox, LLC went through trainings and exercises from Kansas Manufacturing Solutions (KMS), part of the MEP National Network™, to move to a segmented market approach.  Different segments CIC Powerbox focused on were reviewed and listed. CIC Powerbox’s strength/weakness were examined to prioritize what particular segments could best benefit from their product. This provided CIC Powerbox specific segment targets that will produce the best results from their marketing tactics.  Sales sheets and messaging that resonates with the prioritized segments were developed. 
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 16, 2022