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Leveraging ISO 9001:2015 to Achieve Real Business Value


Founded in 1945, Universal Tools and Manufacturing Company is a tool and die company. Based in Springfield, N.J., the company has press room facilities that provide a range from 10 ton to 110-ton presses. It supplies metal stampings, deep drawn parts, special machinery, machined parts, tools and dies.  Over the years the company has supplied components that cater to communication, electrical and medical equipment as well as vacuum tubes and guidance devises for missiles, surveillance cameras and radar displays in military aircraft and in outer space technologies.  Universal Tools and Manufacturing Company also supplies companies nationally and internationally with decorative metal hardware. In 2018, Universal Tools achieved certification to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The Challenge

Universal Tools needed help to navigate the rigors of 9001:2015 standard certification, lest they lose customers that require it.  Dorothy Principe, President and Robin McElwee, COO turned to NJMEP.

The effort our team put into attaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification relays to our customers and prospects how efficiently we run our business.  It supports our goal of customer-first innovation, and it differentiates us in the marketplaces in which we compete.  NJMEP's kept us focused and on track throughout the training--and we passed the audit!

— Dorothy Principe, CEO

MEP's Role

NJMEP conducted a gap assessment, developed an action plan, and presented it to the executive team. This plan included the establishment of the Quality Management System, development of a Quality Manual complete with a new and improved Quality Policy, a management system documentation review, pre-audits, and the initial assessment audit.

UTM invested more than a year preparing for the ISO 9001:2015 certification--a process that required pre-audit examinations, design documentation, development and manufacturing processes along with support programs—all designed to insure internal audit processes were predictable and consistent.

Universal Tools received certification by documenting its quality objectives, procedures and work processes; ensuring this documented system is consistently implemented; performing regular internal audits; and proactively identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

To guarantee each of its products delivers the highest possible quality, Universal Tools only uses materials from the industry’s most reputable suppliers and has a team of experts dedicated to quality assurance that supervises all aspects of production.

As a result of successfully achieving certification, Universal Tool has solidified relationships with existing customers and built a foundation for acquiring new business. This accomplishment demonstrates that the company uses effective quality management practices to enhance customer satisfaction and consistently deliver quality products.


Created August 4, 2022