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GrowFL and FloridaMakes Help Company Negotiate and Earn Lucrative Deal

With the help of: FloridaMakes


Based in Orlando, FL, NanoSpective, Inc. specializes in materials science with a special emphasis on nanoscale materials characterization. The woman-owned company employs a staff of eight and provides analytical services and solutions for intellectual property issues, failure analysis, quality control, and materials research. Since incorporation in 2003, NanoSpective has grown into a distinctive company by providing custom analytical services with academic level attention to detail.

The Challenge

Co-founder and President, Brenda Prenitzer, recognized early on the importance of seeking help and utilizing local resources to assist in certain areas. She decided to augment her capabilities by joining GrowFL’s CEO Roundtable Program to gain access to other like-minded CEOs. The decision paid off in more ways than one when one of NanoSpective’s largest clients was involved in litigation, and a large percentage of their work disappeared.

I'll sometimes work an entire weekend without sleep. Even if I'm completely exhausted, I'll make time for the Roundtable. It's about making time to work on your business and not in it. I always feel refreshed and come away with new knowledge. I can honestly say there hasn't been a single meeting where I felt disinterested or bored of what was being discussed. We all have different businesses, but our struggles and concerns are all very similar. It's remarkable.

— Brenda Prenitzer, Co-founder and President

MEP's Role

As part of GrowFL’s work to support manufacturers through the FloridaMakes network (part of the MEP National Network™),  GrowFL’s CEO Roundtable Program provided Brenda Prenitzer with advice and suggestions that allowed Brenda to avoid a potentially devastating situation for the company by channeling her efforts in a different direction and gaining new insight on how to negotiate a deal with a new client. The result was a guarantee of work that equaled just over half of their largest annual revenue to date. They also invested nearly a half a million dollars in new equipment for that job.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated February 1, 2022