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Connector Manufacturing Expands Hazard Awareness and Mitigation Focus


Connector Manufacturing Company, located in Greenville, Alabama, is a full-line manufacturer of copper and aluminum electrical, mechanical, and compression connectors with 175 employees.  CMC has complete in-house engineering and design capabilities and a certified test facility equipped to perform UL, ANSI, and CSA test requirements. The company is involved in the standard development process with UL, CSA, ANSI, CANENA, NFPA, ESFI, and NEMA Committees to ensure that CMC products safely meet the challenges and requirements out in the field.  CMC is certified to ISO 9001:2015, the widely known and internationally accepted standard for quality management.

The Challenge

Connector employees many operators of Powered Industrial Trucks, occasionally requiring training according to OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.178. This training focuses on operations of equipment, inspection of equipment, refueling of equipment, recognition of known and unknown hazards, assessing and risks for mitigation and/or control, and other related topics of relevance. Connector also employs several electrical personnel workers that work on or in the vicinity of electrical components, and would thus need the required NFPA 70E training to ensure compliance.

The yearly OSHA training course was an excellent class. The information was presented in a way that was easy to understand and follow for all the employees who attended. Tim Croley, the instructor, is very knowledgeable on all safety topics and was able to share his knowledge and experiences with the employees for Connector Manufacturing Company/Hubbell Corporation. We also have many new employees, so it was great to have a presentation that provides various examples of equipment, tools, and work areas for the training course. The OSHA training class was a great opportunity to learn more about OSHA regulations and how they affect our industry. 

We would like to thank Mr. Croley and ATN for all the training they have provided over the last couple of years. It has been very beneficial, and we look forward to using them in the future.

— Mona Mullins, Plant Manager

MEP's Role

In the summer and fall of 2018 the Alabama Technology Network (ATN), part of the MEP National Network™, conducted two projects with Connector: Powered Industrial Trucks Train the Trainer and NFPA 70E Training. The projects specifically focused on materials handling operations, equipping employees with the skills to instruct others within the facility, recognition of hazards, assessing electrical hazards and risks, and better understanding of governing regulations and requirements.

Both training sessions placed Connector in a better position to improve the overall effectiveness of their safety programs and provide the highest level of safety for employees, contractors, visitors, and others who would be present at the facility at any point. Both training sessions also provided guidance that would lead to improved handling of products for customers through production and logistical tasks.

Created August 4, 2022