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Certification Achieved!


TX RX Systems manufactures radio frequency (RF) communications infrastructure products and is a leading US industry provider in the land mobile radio (LMR) market. TX RX offers a wide range of products for a growing and competitive US market.

The Challenge

TX RX Systems used their former owners’ quality management system and had little desire to upgrade. However, with the sale of the company came pressure from customers for a certified quality management system like ISO?9001, and a sudden need to align the current quality management functions with ISO requirements.

The success of the implementation depended on the training of the management team and key personnel.  Management’s understanding of the process and of ISO in general was absolutely critical to the success of the implementation.
— Mingfei Leng, President

MEP's Role

TX RX Systems contracted with Insyte Consulting to develop and implement an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System that was simple, but provided the needed controls and discipline.  The existing system contained some elements but lacked the organization ISO provides.


Insyte trained TX RX’s management on the requirements of the ISO standard.  Regular management review meetings were established to evaluate risks and needs of key stakeholders, customers and employees.  A new quality manual was created, reviewed and agreed to by management. Appropriate personnel were interviewed to document the existing processes and their value. Straightforward procedures were developed to address ISO 9001 requirements. Several employees were trained as internal auditors and internal audits were initiated.  A full audit cycle was conducted and findings and improvements were made to the system.


TX RX passed their certification audit in July 2019.  Minor non-conformances were identified and addressed.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021