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3P Helps Bring New School Technology to an Old School Industry


PTM Manufacturing, LLC, is an industry leader in advanced HVAC system air distribution and insulations technologies designed to improve building energy efficiency, reduce total energy consumption, and lower cost. PTM has developed and currently produces patented products that improve energy efficiency, reduce total energy consumption, and lower overall run costs. Their products are sold under the names of Dual-Tech® and Techna-Duc®, and they maintain the sole license for Kingspan KoolDuct® in the Northeastern region. 

The Challenge

As PTM grew and developed, it faced the typical challenges of many small to mid-sized manufacturers – surviving in a tough economy and managing growth. All HVAC systems use ductwork, but PTM had to convince an entire industry to do things in a new way by using one of their products instead of the standard sheet metal solution. As PTM began to prove its products’ potential and grow, PTM President Pete Faverio knew it needed processes to grow in a strategic way. After receiving a letter from the Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership (DEMEP), part of the MEP National Network™, they decided to meet and find out if DEMEP could help them face their challenges.

DEMEP doesn’t tell you what to do. They were there to listen to our ideas and assist us in helping pick the most logical and best parts of everyone’s input. Our employees take pride in knowing that they were instrumental in developing the new factory. DEMEP was the outside eye that we needed to help us see the big picture. We now know how to look at the whole picture when often we were too close to the work to see what the end result should be.

— Pete Faverio, President

MEP's Role

Initially, DEMEP helped PTM improve the efficiency of their manufacturing processes. Through Value Stream Mapping, DEMEP was able to assist PTM with its entire manufacturing process and create a vision of what that process should look like. PTM, with the help of DEMEP, then began implementing some advanced manufacturing concepts which enabled production output to increase by 350 percent. With this increased output, they were able to price their products more competitively so they could offer a superior product at a price similar to other less effective technologies.

As awareness and demand for the product grew, the company needed more space. When PTM purchased a larger building, they called on DEMEP again to ensure they were setting up the new facility to maximize its potential. DEMEP trained the employees on how to apply the 3P process to take a proactive approach to developing an advanced, efficient manufacturing facility. The 3P process created a full-size mockup of the new plant floor layout and allowed the employees to go through a trial run on all processes to ensure they functioned in the most effective way.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021