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Tools and Instruments

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LabRep Co. Refrigerator 4°C

Access Information Refrigerators and freezers are available in the laboratories for storing temperature sensitive samples shortly before, during and shortly

Large Aperture Scanner

The Large Aperture Scanner (LAS) scans a radar transceiver over a 5 meter by 20 meter aperture. Image reconstruction techniques enable a three-dimensional

Leak Artifacts

Leak artifacts are calibrated in the range 1 x 10-6 to 1 x 10-13 mol/s (2 x 10-2 to 2 x 10-9 std. cm3/s at 0 °C). The calibration can be performed directly

Line Heat-Source Guarded Hot Plate

The 1-meter guarded hot-plate apparatus measures thermal conductivity of building insulation. This facility provides for absolute measurement of thermal

Liquid Density

The Fluid Metrology Group developed a dual-purpose, automated apparatus to calibrate hydrometers via Cuckow’s method and to also measure the density of

Liquid Flow Standards

The Fluid Metrology Group has four liquid flow standards spanning the flow range 0.002 L/s to 65 L/s with uncertainties less than 0.06 % at a 95 % confidence

Low Pressure Gauges

NIST has developed best-in-the-world primary standard pressure measurement capabilities for pressures spanning the range of 0.01 Pa to 360 kPa through the

LTE Coverage Tool

This experimental application was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR)

Lunar spectro-radiometer

Design of the lunar irradiance instrument is based on commercially available spectrographs. These spectrographs can be stable and sub-components are readily

Manufacturing Robotics Testbed

The NIST manufacturing robotics test bed consists of several labs located in three buildings on the main NIST campus. Combined, these serve as a resource for

MBRAUN LabMaster 130 Glovebox

The glove box is dual-sided and single-length with three glove ports on each side of the box. It measures 1500 mm wide, 1118 mm deep and 914 mm high (59" x 44"

Medical-Industrial Radiation Facility

The Medical-Industrial Radiation Facility (MIRF) located in the Radiation Physics Division of the NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory is a user facility for