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KSV Langmuir-Blodgett Minitrough

KSV Lagmuir-Blodgett Trough

KSV Langmuir-Blodgett Minitrough. Please see manual.


Film Deposition System:

  • Control and operation: Software controlled unsupervised and automatic film depositions.
  • Deposition speed: Standard range 0.1 to 100 mm/min. Speed adjustment increment 0.1 mm.
  • Length of deposition arm stroke: 60 mm.
  • Deposition cycles: 1 to unlimited depositions. Number of consecutive depositions dependent of substrate and trough film area.
  • Dwell times: 0 s to max. 9999 s, individual adjustment for upper and lower endpoint substrate movement.
  • Max. size of substrate: 60 x 30 mm (100% immersion).
  • Type of deposition motor: Servo controlled DC motor.

Film Pressure Measuring System:

  • Measuring principle: Wilhelmy plate, platinum or paper sensor element connected to microelectronic feedback system for surface pressure control. Software controlled operation, user programmable process parameters.
  • Film balance measuring range: 0 mN/m to 125 mN/m.
  • Resolution: 4 ?N/m.
  • Surface area regulation: Symmetric compression of monolayer by inwardly moving barrier. Software controlled operation and user programmable process parameters.
  • Surface barrier: Made of hydrophilic, optionally hydrophobic, material.
  • Compression speed: 0.02 mm-min-1 to 200 mm-min-1
  • Inaccuracy: Less than 1%.
  • Barrier drive: Servo controlled DC motor.


  • Material: Solid, non porous cast-moulded PTFE. No glue or o-ring seals. Aluminium base plate with built-in water channels for temperature control of the subphase. PTFE thickness at trough bottom 1.15 mm.
  • Size: 260 mm x 75 mm x 5 mm.

Usage Information

Access Information

Please inquire with one of the activity responsibles before using this piece of equipment.

Created September 13, 2011, Updated April 5, 2022