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ITL's Speakers Bureau: Sandy Ressler



We will look at several applications of virtual reality on the web (WebXR). Ranging from immersion inside a real fire, to magnetic visualization, to math functions, this fast-paced talk presents rapidly evolving VR technology applied to different problems. Interactive data combined with 360-degree videos are presented illustrating novel approaches to data interaction. Finally, the role of standards is shown to enable the interoperability of these technologies all within the context of your everyday web browser. 

Keywords: Virtual reality, computer graphics, XR, VR, metaverse 


Sandy Ressler has over 40 years of experience with a wide variety of computer graphics and user interface technologies. Starting a career at Bell Labs followed by a stint at a video game startup he is a pioneer and visionary in the development of 3D computer graphics for use on the Internet. He was on the Web3D Consortium’s, Board of Directors for six years, two of which as Vice President. From 1997-2001, he created and ran the world’s leading web site for 3D on the web at Ressler has also authored three books, two on electronic publishing and co-authored the classic "Life with UNIX." He championed NIST membership in the Khronos Group, a standards development organization developing many relevant computer graphics and other standards influencing the rapidly evolving “metaverse.”  He was recently named to an influential list “100 Original Voices in XR.” He holds an MFA in visual arts (computer graphics) from Rutgers University, a long time ago ;-) 


Created March 7, 2022, Updated June 12, 2023