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Grant Summary - 2015

RecipientTitleAward Amount
AZ Board of Regents /Arizona State UniversityTestbed for Research and Development of Timing in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) $99,999
Center for Civic Design  Guidance for Election Systems: Research on Ways to Organize, Present, and Communicate $125,050
Cogscent, LLCMemory and Motor Processes of Password Entry Error $50,000
Colorado State UniversityAccess Control Management in Linux Environments$74,702
Computing Tech. Industry Association Inc.Cybersecurity Maps and Career Pathways$469,000
Cornell UniversitySuper Cloud: Deployment and Monitoring of Heterogeneous, Multi-Domain, and Federated Clouds$250,000
Corporation for National Research InitiativesEvolution of the Data Type Registry for Federal Use$279,527
Culture CatalystPrivacy and Security in the Cyber World: Understanding Development and Use$81,927
Culture Catalyst, LLCComplexity, Connection, and Constant Change: Recommendations for Cybersecurity Education Growing Out of User Experience and Perceptions$30,762 
Curators of the University of Missouri (Rolla)  Determining Security Threats Through Information Flow Analysis$199,457
Education ,Technology, Policy, Research, & Outreach, Inc.Strengthening Capacity in Cybersecurity: A National K-12 Cybersecurity Education Conference$138,480
Fundacion IMDEA SoftwareVerified Standards: SHA3$192,534
George Mason UniversityPost-Quantum Public Key Cryptosystems$499,998 
George Mason UniversitySecuring Cloud Infrastructure Through Improving Network Diversity and Moving Target Defense$50,017
George Mason UniversityUsing the Policy Machine to Enforce Access to Health Records$139,984
George Mason UniversityA Probabilistic Argumentation Based Forensics Framework$49,991
Georgia Tech Research CorporationStandardizing Botnet Enumeration$455,744
KU LeuvenCryptographically Secured Against Side-Channel Attacks and Fault Attacks by Means of Threshold Implementations$533,766
Michigan State UniversityOn the Sufficiency of Information Content in Latent Fingerprints$100,000
Texas State UniversityStandardization and Quality Assessment Methods for the Enhancement of the Eye Movement$100,000
The Greystone Group Inc.Determining the Evidence Base for Enhancements in Health IT Design $499,995 
The Greystone Group, IncInfectious Disease Critical Exception Handling by EHRs: Workflows to Support Situational Awareness of Clinical Users$150,000
The University of ChicagoAccelerating Access to Large Materials Datasets: Building, Deploying, and Operating a Materials Data Facility $1,799,981
The University of Texas at ArlingtonCombinatorial Testing for Big Data Software$375,624 
The University of Texas at DallasA Framework for Effective Software Testing Using Combinatorial Design and MC/DC Coverage$50,000
The University of Texas at DallasCombinatorial Branch Coverage: Metrics, Algorithms, and Case Studies$50,000
The University of Texas at DallasDesigning a Test For Forensic Facial Identification Experts$85,934
Trustees of Indiana UniversityImplications of Software Defined Systems for Big Data Reference Architectures$161,961
University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSBCyber Security Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) Community Meeting, Education and Awareness$225,412
University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSBNationalInitiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Challenge$349,085
University of CincinnatiBenchmark the Security and Performance Parameters for Post-Quantum Cryptography: Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems$253,961 
University of EdinburghRigorous and Presentable Asymptotic for Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials$688,546
University of MarylandFinancial Entity Identification and Information Integration (FEIII) Challenge  $98,600
University of MarylandA Study on Using Silicon PUF as Entropy Source$99,982
University of MarylandProvable Security for Next-Generation Cryptography$1,097,937
University of MarylandComputer Simulations and Texture-Based Analysis Techniques to Enable Computer-Based Measurements with Application in Material Science and Biomedical Research$357,033
University of Maryland  Supporting Secure Mobile App Development$333,714
University of New Hampshire  IEC 61850-9-3 Utility Profile and IEEE 1588 Power Profile Testing Program, Test Specification Collaboration$89,368
University of WashingtonWhat value will Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Brings to Complex DNA Mixture Interpretation?$496,616 



Created April 25, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019