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Complex Systems Program

*This page is currently inactive*


Complex Systems

Complex Systems are composed of large interrelated, interacting entities which taken together, exhibit a macroscopic behavior which is not predictable by examination of the individual entities. The Complex Systems Program seeks to understand the fundamental science of these systems and develop rigorous descriptions (analytic, statistical, or semantic) that enable prediction and control of their behavior. Initially focused on the Internet and Grid Computing, this Program will facilitate predictability and reliability in these areas and other complex systems such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, semiconductors, and complex engineering.


  1. Complex Systems Fundamentals
    Roldan Pozo
  2. Measurement Science for Complex Information Systems
    Kevin Mills, Chris Dabrowski, Vladimir Marbukh, Jim Filliben, Fern Hunt, Dan Genin, Dennis Leber
  3. Complex Systems Testbed
    Vince Stanford, Lukas Diduch, Imad Hamchi, Mathieu Hoarau, Antoine Fillinger
  4. Methods for Characterizing Complex Networks
    Isabel Beichl, Brian Cloteaux

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Kamie Roberts CxSlogo_sm_onWhite
Acting Program Manager
kroberts [at]
T: (301) 975-2982

Created February 23, 2009, Updated March 23, 2018