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Employer Resources

Resources listed below include materials aimed at helping employers, including human resource managers measure, assess, and build their cybersecurity workforces.

DoD Cyber Workforce – Description of the DoD Cyber Workforce and contact information. The DoD Cyber Workforce Framework (DCWF) describes the work performed by the full spectrum of the cyber workforce as defined in DoD Directive 8140.01. The DCWF leverages the original NICE Framework and the DoD Joint Cyberspace Training and Certification Standards (JCT&CS). 

DHS NICE Framework Mapping Tool – The Mapping Tool allow human resources offices and managers to input positions required knowledge skills, and abilities to build cybersecurity profiles that are mapped to the NICE Framework. This tool ensures that your organization is on the same page as hundreds of other organizations when it comes to talking about cybersecurity work in the same way. 

DHS PushButtonPD™ Tool – This human resources and manager tool was developed to help quickly draft Federal employee cyber position description(s). It is a no cost Microsoft Excel workbook file which makes drafting of the position description easier without any prior knowledge of the cyber position. Used in concert with relevant OPM Position Classification Standards, the tool will assist in the implementation of the NICE Framework by consistently mapping job codes according to selected skills and KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities).

Draft NISTIR 8193 NICE Framework Work Role Capability Indicators: Indicators for Performing Work Roles (Nov 2017). One can use the DHS’s Cybersecurity Careers and Training Portal to see capability indicators associated with each NICE Framework Work Role (newsletter article).



Created November 13, 2019, Updated December 12, 2019