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Training Workshop October 19-22

Capacity Building Workshop on Building Energy Efficiency Measurement Standards and Labeling

In follow-up to the Renewable Energy and Climate Science (RECS) Workshops held within the five sub-regions of SIM, the Organization of Americans States (OAS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are pleased to announce the next phase of the project. Based on the discussions at the Workshops, three areas have been identified as high priority topics for additional capacity building activities: gas measurements, energy efficiency and labeling.

OAS and NIST are happy to announce the second capacity building activity in support of the SIM Renewable Energy and Climate Science (RECS) Project. From 26 - 28 October 2015, NIST plans to host 20 – 25 participants at our Gaithersburg, MD campus to take part in a workshop on Building Energy Efficiency Standards and appliance Labeling. The participants' associated travel costs will be covered by dedicated project funds.

This workshop will focus on measurement challenges associated with energy efficiency technologies, including building energy performance and household appliances and will include discussions on a variety of technologies that can be leveraged to improve energy efficiency in SIM member countries including: building thermal envelope, energy generation, commercial and residential heating ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, residential appliances, lighting, and high-performance building design. NIST and OAS have invited experts with extensive experience in measurement standards, labeling and programs to increase energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.

Participants will be expected to share their country's needs and experiences related to energy efficiency measurement challenges, which will serve as an important foundation for the workshop. The overall objective is to use the technical presentations on energy efficient technologies, laboratory visits, and discussion to help participants identify specific best practices that can help in the development of national and regional measurement systems for building and appliance technologies. For additional information contact Claire Saundry (claire.saundry [at] (Claire[dot]saundry[at]nist[dot]gov)), Magdalena Navarro (mnavarro [at] (Magdalena[dot]navarro[at]nist[dot]gov)), or Andrew Conn (andrew.conn [at] (Andrew[dot]conn[at]nist[dot]gov)).


Participant List

Created August 24, 2015, Updated January 6, 2017