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Summer High School Intern Program Research Projects

Click on one of the links below to see research projects that have been done in one of NIST's laboratories or offices.



  1.  A Quantitative Analysis of Cybersecurity Workers in the United States

  2.  The N.V.D and its importance in Cyber Security

  3.  Graphical Interface Design for Manufactured Solutions

  4.  Analysis of the Authenticated Encryption Scheme TinyJAMBU

  5.  Simulation and Modeling of Dynamic Measurement of Nanoflows

  6.  Fixing American Healthcare: Using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Lower Costs and Save Lives

  7.  Development of Data Augmentation and Display Tools for 360-Degree Fire Videos in WebVR

  8.  Learning Through Visualization - Ronald Fisher's Iris Dataset

  9.  3D Visualization of Hydrodynamic Factors Influencing Mineral Dissolution

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EL SHIP Projects

  1.  Video Analysis of Fire in Differing Scenarios
  2.  Evaluation of Different Monitoring Strategies to Identify Process Errors in Additive Manufacturing
  3.  School Damage in Tornadoes: Data Collection and Analysis
  4.  Automating Approaches for Mining Remote Sensing Data, with Applications to Damage Caused by the Joplin Tornado
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    MML SHIP Projects

    1.  Developing Standardized Isotherms for Gas Adsorption
    2.  Automating the Picocalorimeter
    3.  Exploring How Au Nanoparticle Size Affects Plasmon Resonance
    4.  Fracture Properties of Disordered Network Metamaterials
    5.  Developing Trust Assessment Methods for Machine Learning Models: A High-Entropy Alloy Case Study
    6.  3D Printing
    7.  Developing an Analytical Challenge Material Using Stressed NISTmAb for Qualification of Particle Measurement Techniques
    8.  Envisioning Corpora: Root & Rule Infrastructure for Semantic Web and Topic Modeling
    9.  Language Independent Query of Multidisciplinary Document Collection
    10.  Measurement of Amino Acid Refractive Index Increment and Dispersion
    11.  On the collision energy dependence of tandem mass spectra and the differentiation of glycan isomers
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    NCNR SHIP Projects

    1.  Creating an Enhanced Web Interface for the NIST Center for Neutron Research Data Repository

    2.  Using Tomography To Scan and Create a 3D Model

    3.  Improving and Applying the Phase Segmentation of X-Ray and Neutron Tomography

    4.  Neutron Spin Flipper Optimization using Active Learning and Fitting Algorithms

    5.  Investigating Magnetic Dead Layers in Rhombohedral Perovskites

    6.  A Collection of Scripts for Ab Initio Calculations: Migrating from Python 2 to 3

    7.  Optimizing Neutron Crystallography Measurements through Reinforcement Learning

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    PML SHIP Projects

    1.  Intercalation of Heavy Transition Metals into Dichalcogenides
    2.  Using Legendre Polynomials to Model Functions of Light Intensity in Lens Design and 2D Profiling
    3.  Developing a portable Fourier-transform filtering instrument to measure greenhouse gases
    4.  Characterization of Terahertz Metasurfaces
    5.  Photomultiplier System and Recapture Penning Trap for mini-EBIT
    6.  Loading Metallic Ions into a mini-EBIT with Pulsed Laser Ablation
    7.  Ionic Transport Through Graphene Pores
    8.  Analysis of Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM) Images
    9.  Forensic Toolmark Analysis Project
    10.  Stability of Low Dielectric Constant Materials Under UV Light
    11.  Quantum Memories in Pr:YSO Crystals
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    Created June 23, 2010, Updated January 5, 2022