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Summer High School Intern Program Research Projects

Click on one of the links below to see research projects that have been done in one of NIST's laboratories or offices.



  1. Modeling and Measuring the Carbon Footprint (Energy Consumption) of Cybersecurity

  2.  Computer Forensic Reference Datasets

  3.  Shader Glyphs and Simulation

  4.  Real-time intensity transformation for surgical displays

  5. Understand/apply NIST computer security standards in a lab setting

  6.  Face morphing: surveying the creation and detection landscape

  7.  3D Visualization of the Human Body Models

  8. Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information and System Security Engineering 

  9. Support on terminology project for Trustworthy and Responsible AI

  10. n-ary tree art on smooth manifolds

  11. Usable Cybersecurity

  12. Representing Language for Information Retrieval

  13. Cybersecurity Education and Career Outreach and Content Contributor

  14. Optimization in Chemometrics

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EL SHIP Projects

  1.  GUI tools development to support performance test for 3D machine vision sensors 
  2. Laser Powder Bed Fusion Melt Pool Prediction    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Back to Top

    MML SHIP Projects

    1.  Design DNA Sequences to Control Covalent Modification of Carbon Nanotubes 
    2.  Survey of polysaccharide found as part of biological infrastructure 
    3.  Calculating the Raman spectra of Polycarbonate in a Polycarbonate/Silica Composite System
    4. Investigating nanoscale contact mechanics by numerical methods
    5.  Develop a smart image processing protocol to remove fringes from infrared hyperspectral image data
    6.  Covid 19 expert database
    7.  To develop web tools and data for teh NIST cord 19 database -
    8.  Benchmarking human genome sequencing
    9.  Collection of Gas Adsorption Isotherms for Reference Data Use
    10. Exploring Spectroscopic Reference Data's Impact on Atmospheric Retrievals
    11. Development of Web-based interfaces for collaboration in the fields related to chemical engineering
    12. Integration of ThermoData Engine software with other applications
    13. Expression of property prediction methods for chemical compounds through SMARTS language
    14. Processing of legacy chemical information and development of efficient ways of its presentation
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    NCNR SHIP Projects

    1.  (AI) and Neutron diffraction

    2. Self-supervised learning (AI) and Neutron diffraction

    3.  Developing a Morphology Generation Toolbox in Python

    4. Computer aided model selections for the small angle scattering data analysis

    5.  Web-native data processing for reflectometry

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    PML SHIP Projects

    1.  Radiation Dosimetry with Photonic Sensors
    2.  Using Legendre Polynomials to Model Functions of Light Intensity in Lens Design and 2D Profiling
    3.  Developing a portable Fourier-transform filtering instrument to measure greenhouse gases
    4.  Characterization of Terahertz Metasurfaces
    5.  Photomultiplier System and Recapture Penning Trap for mini-EBIT
    6.  Loading Metallic Ions into a mini-EBIT with Pulsed Laser Ablation
    7.  Ionic Transport Through Graphene Pores
    8.  Analysis of Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM) Images
    9.  Forensic Toolmark Analysis Project
    10.  Stability of Low Dielectric Constant Materials Under UV Light
    11.  Quantum Memories in Pr:YSO Crystals
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    Created June 23, 2010, Updated January 5, 2023