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Opportunities for SIM engagement

Opportunities for Inter-American System of Metrology (SIM) Engagement with NIST

In support of NIST's strategic alliances with the institutions participating in the Inter-American System of Metrology (SIM), and our commitment to strengthening the measurement infrastructure in the Americas, funding is now available to support a limited number of Foreign Guest Researcher appointments (FGR), calibrations services, SRMs and/or training workshops for representatives from our partner institutions in the Americas. This Program is aimed at supporting SIM and is limited to staff of the institutions (National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes) participating in SIM. We are particularly interested in exploring short-term subject-specific training courses. The application form and related guidance is attached.

FGR Appointments include a $3500 monthly stipend for up to 12 month stays at NIST, and priority will be given to smaller developing laboratories. These can be stays of a few weeks up to a maximum of one year. For guest researchers, these funds may not be used to support travel expenses. Travel costs are expected to be borne by the home institutions or by the NIST host Division.

For the short courses, the idea is to offer 3-5 day subject specific training at NIST (or elsewhere) for groups of up to 10 (depending on the topic and the space requirements). Funding would be available for travel and per-diem of the SIM participants, and potentially registration fees to offset costs for course materials. It would be helpful for NIST staff who participate in the SIM Working Groups to consider the needs identified by their partner working group members in designing training courses.

We would very much appreciate your sharing this information within your Divisions and encouraging your staff to contact their colleagues at the SIM NMIs or Designated Institutes to identify potential opportunities for engagement. We will be sending a similar announcement to our SIM Colleagues requesting their applications. Please inform your staff that our SIM colleagues may contact them directly about potential guest researcher appointments.

For FY 2015 activities - Please note that special consideration will be given to any activity that can be funded this fiscal year. If you have ideas for FY2015 activities, please contact IAAO as soon as possible.

For FY2016 activities, we request that each OU prioritize their applications and submit a prioritized list of proposals to IAAO no later than October 1, 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact Claire Saundry (claire.saundry [at] (claire[dot]saundry[at]nist[dot]gov)) or Andrew Conn (andrew.conn [at] (andrew[dot]conn[at]nist[dot]gov)).

Competition Guidance

Created August 27, 2015, Updated January 6, 2017