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Apply to PREP

PREP Researcher Appointments

PREP is a competitive program and driven by demand of the NIST laboratories. Generally, the request starts with NIST having an opportunity and funding for a researcher. NIST partners with the PREP Universities to advertise and recruit for the appointments.  

As required by the NOFO, PREP researchers are required to be affiliated with a participating university. PREP appointments occur by the following mechanisms:

  • Recruitment by a participating university for a NIST opportunity and posted on their websites.
  • Proposal of a research opportunity which aligns with the NIST mission and skillset to a NIST scientist directly.

Current PREP Research Opportunities

Interested applicants should visit the websites below to view available PREP openings. 

Gaithersburg Campus:

Boulder Campus


Created September 28, 2022, Updated December 23, 2022