Supporting Patient Safety Through EHR Design Presentations

EHR Usability & Patient Safety Roundtable
"Supporting Patient Safety through EHR Design"
April 19, 2013

Patient Safety:  Past, Present and Future - Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD - Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

The ONC Perspective on Patient Safety and Usability - David Hunt, MD, FACS - Medical Director, Health IT Adoption and Patient Safety, ONC

Provider Challenges - David Brick, MD - Village Cardiology

Patient Safety:  EHR Usability Framework and EUP - Emily Patterson, PhD - OSU

Clinical Perspective and NIST Research - Dean Calcagni, MD - NIST

Emerging Provider Challenges, EHR Workflows - David Brick, MD - Village Cardiology

EHR Workflow - Ayse Gurses, PhD - Armstong Institute

Gaining Deeper Insight into EHR Usability to Support a National Standard - Michael Wiklund, PhD - UL, LLC

How one industry has driven best practice and the potential for healthcare - Vicki Lewis, PhD - National Center for Human Factors Engineering in Healthcare

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