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Smart Grid Interoperability Framework Workshops

NIST is updating its Smart Grid Interoperability Framework to advance grid modernization. As the electricity industry makes strides in adopting diverse distributed energy resources (DERs), internet connected devices, and other advanced technologies, ensuring these devices will be able to communicate and operate in relation to one another is critical. Utilities, regulators, and technology providers need to have a working understanding of system architecture, functions, and economics to guide efficient and effective grid development.

In fall 2018, NIST, in partnership with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), is holding four one-day regional meetings to gather input from stakeholders on the updated Framework to ensure it reflects industry expertise and local visions for the future grid. At these roundtables, the value/benefits of grid interoperability, the impacts of interoperability on grid operations and economics, and approaches in advancing interoperability will be discussed. To drive discussion in these areas, each region will reflect on one of the four proposed grid composition scenarios (architectures), which capture relationships between the generation, transmission, and distribution systems and their components. The four architectures differ depending on the level of smart grid device adoption.

The regional meetings will be held on:

Each meeting will focus on examining one conceptual model relevant to each region, followed by a panel comprised of local stakeholders, and a discussion with all attendees regarding interoperability and the most important interfaces to grid modernization.

Travel Assistance

Limited travel stipends are available through NARUC for commissioners and commission staff in the region. Please e-mail Kerry Worthington at rafts [at] (rafts[at]naruc[dot]org) to inquire further.


Created August 13, 2018, Updated November 21, 2019