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Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, in collaboration with NIST, are holding a meeting on September 27, 2018 to discuss revisions and updates to the Smart Grid Interoperability Framework.  At this meeting, a smart grid scenario mapped to existing grid communications will be used as the foundation for discussion.  The smart grid scenario is based on a conventional utility model which maintains many of the functions and characteristics of the current system.  This workshop will feature speakers from across the Midwest discussing the role of interoperability, and how interoperability addresses issues in the Midwestern grid by enabling new interactions between grid devices at different system levels.  Attendees will also provide feedback to workshop organizers regarding topics important to the region.  A more detailed agenda and preread material will be available in advance of the workshop.

Travel Assistance

Limited travel stipends are available through NARUC for commissioners and commission staff in the region. Please e-mail Kerry Worthington at rafts [at] (rafts[at]naruc[dot]org) to inquire further.

Download Directions & Logistics (PDF)


Update of the NIST Smart Grid Conceptual Model (Discussion DRAFT) (PDF)

Agenda (Draft PDF)



Created August 13, 2018, Updated September 25, 2018