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Smart Grid Group

To improve the efficiency, sustainability, economics, and resiliency of the Nation’s electric grids by developing and demonstrating advances in measurement science to improve grid interoperability and facilitate the use of the distribution grid as an enabling platform for modern energy services.

Leveraging NIST’s century-long partnership with the electric industry, we are collaborating with our partners to address this generation’s grand challenge—modernizing the electric power grid so that it incorporates information technology to deliver electricity efficiently, reliably, sustainably, and securely. A modernized grid enables all participants to benefit from the new introduction of new technologies, from distributed resources to advanced communications and controls.

Working with stakeholders and partners from industry, government, and academia, NIST has published the NIST Smart Grid Framework Release 4.0. This program advances the measurement science necessary to increase asset utilization and efficiency, improve grid reliability, and enable greater use of renewable energy sources in the grid through research, standardization, testing, and implementation of the NIST Framework.

NIST engages with stakeholders in the electricity sector through its interactions with the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and other organizations representing various community interests.

News and Updates


Generator Fleet Characteristics Model

Cheyney O'Fallon, Avi Gopstein
This manuscript presents the Generator Fleet Characteristics Model (GFCM), a general purpose tool for the analysis of power system operations, economics, and


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