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NIST Researchers Inform Development of Standard for Smart Grid Sensors

NIST Researchers Inform Development of Standard for Smart Grid Sensors

NIST researchers Eugene Song and Kang Lee participated in the IEEE P2681 working group, which led to the development of a technical report, PES-TR102, MV Smart Grid Sensor and Sensor Systems: Measurement Accuracy and Uncertainty Considerations. The report was sponsored by the IEEE PES PSIM Sensors Task Force (TF) and posted in January 2023. The report supports the development of the proposed IEEE P2681 standard “Guide for Testing Medium Voltage (MV) Smart Grid Sensors and Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) Systems.”

NIST researchers contributed an architecture of smart sensor systems consisting of sensing, measurement, data processing, timing and synchronization, and network communication functions. These contributions helped model a generic smart sensor system, which was the outcome of NIST’s Smart Sensors project for the Smart Grids Testbed.

The report describes the challenges of implementing and deploying MV smart sensors and networks in smart grids. Notably, this report also introduces a conditional accuracy concept that addresses the overall measurement accuracy of smart sensor systems, within a specified range of operating conditions such as temperature, humidity, and range. The report provides examples of:

  • Medium voltage sensors within sensor networks with conditional accuracy
  • Smart sensor system applications in smart grids

Additionally, the report identifies and examines design, network, and external operational influences on the conditional accuracy of smart sensor systems. Lastly, end-user field testing of smart sensor systems is discussed, based on field operating conditions. More detail on measurement accuracy and interoperability testing will follow in IEEE P2681 standard, which currently is being developed.

Released March 1, 2023, Updated April 7, 2023