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Smart Grid Programs & Projects

Smart Grid Program

The Smart Grid Program develops and demonstrates smart grid measurement science advances to improve the efficiency, reliability, resilience, and sustainability of the nation's electric grid. This NIST wide program is housed in the Engineering Laboratory and draws on the expertise of the Information Technology and Physical Measurement Laboratories. The Program portfolio centers on two interacting components: (1) consensus standards and protocols for smart grid interoperability; and(2) measurement science research for future grid capabilities. The former is pursued in collaboration with community organizations like the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (originally launched with NIST assistance and now an independent organization), interagency groups such as the Smart Grid Task Force, and other industrial, academic, and government sector stakeholders. The NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability, which responds to mandates to NIST from Congress and the Administration, is continuously evolved by the Program and provides the anchor for our standards efforts. An advanced smart grid testbed provides the focus for our measurement science research work. The testbed focuses on future microgrid concepts and is both agile, to accommodate a wide range of experimental and testing configurations, and composable, to enable its use in combination with other testbeds across the country and around the world for work at significant scale. The research work supports and informs the standards work and together these components enable NIST to promote the emergence of a smart grid for the nation.



Created August 19, 2016, Updated November 21, 2019