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Standards and Performance Metrics for On-Road Automated Vehicles Workshop Presentations



Topic Areas and Speakers Title of Presentation

Systems Interaction

Keynote Speaker: David Agnew The Operational Domain and the Human Driver as the Baseline for AV Metrics

NIST: Zeid Kootbally

Progress on Systems Interaction in Automated Vehicles
Keynote Speaker: Rajeev Thakur NIST Workshop Perception Keynote
NIST: Prem Rachakonda NIST Strategic and Emerging Research Initiatives (SERI) AV Sensor Perception Project
Keynote Speaker: Anuja Sonalkar Cybersecurity Keynote
NIST: Nakia Grayson NIST’s Automotive Cybersecurity Community of Interest (COI)
Keynote Speaker: Jim Misener Communications for Connect and Automated Vehicles
NIST: David Wollman NIST Automated Vehicle Communications Overview
Keynote Speaker: Aleksander Madry Robust ML: Where Are We?
NIST: Apostol Vassilev Robust AI for ADS
Jeffrey Wishart Digital Infrastructure Research in AZ
Michael Mollenhauer Connected and Automated Vehicle Projects
Henry Liu Smart Intersections and Ann Arbor Connected Environment 2.0 (AACE)
Craig Hinners State of the Practice for Connected Intersections



Created September 25, 2023, Updated September 26, 2023