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Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation Group Staff Directory

Staff Listing
Steven Emmerich Leader, Supervisory Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6459
Jumarna Lee-Jenkins Administrative Office Assistant 301-975-4216
William S. Dols Mechanical Engineer 301-975-5860
Daniel W. Greb Engineering Technician 301-975-6419
Steven J. Nabinger Mechanical Engineer 301-975-6416
Dr. Lisa Ng Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4853
Brian J. Polidoro Information Technology Specialist 301-975-6445
Dr. Dustin Poppendieck Environmental Engineer 301-975-8423


Associate Listing
Mengyan Gong Guest Researcher 301-975-8102
Dr. David M. Lorenzetti Guest Researcher 301-975-6416
Robert N. Sharpe Guest Researcher 301-975-6416
Kevin Teichman Guest Researcher 301-975-6421



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Created August 27, 2010, Updated January 4, 2024