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Energy and Environment Division Groups

HVAC&R Equipment Performance Group  To expand the scientific knowledge of air-conditioning, heat pumping, and refrigeration technology. The Group’s focus is to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC&R equipment, which is the predominant end-user of energy in buildings. The research activities include innovative and fundamental heat transfer measurements of refrigerants; experimental and analytical studies of systems and components; development of advanced modeling and optimization tools; research of novel applicable technologies; and formulation of test and rating methods for refrigerators and “mixed” air conditioners and heat pumps.

Mechanical Systems & Controls Group To lower the cost of building services by fostering the development and use of more intelligent, integrated, and optimized building mechanical systems and controls; develops simulation and emulation tools, fault detection and diagnostic procedures, and performance evaluation techniques for quantifying the performance of building HVAC equipment and systems; develops standard communication protocols for exchanging information between building management and control systems; and develops the technical bases for advanced building controls which will optimize whole building performance.

Heat Transfer & Alternative Energy Systems Group To promote innovation and competitiveness in the alternative energy and energy efficiency sector by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology related to energy utilization in buildings.

Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation Group Develops computer simulation programs and measurement procedures and applies them to better understand the phenomena of air and contaminant transport in buildings and to support industry efforts to improve environmental conditions in buildings in a cost-effective manner. The results of this research are providing reliable methods and to evaluate ventilation characteristics and indoor pollutant concentrations in buildings.


Created August 16, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019