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Transformational Networks and Services Group

The Transformational Networks and Services group develops measurement science, test, and measurement techniques, and best practices to enable new disruptive network technologies, including high-performance networking, 5G/6G core networks, optical and quantum networking, cloud computing, information-centric networks, end-to-end service management, edge intelligence, and applications such as teleoperation of automated vehicles.

Transformative communications - quantum, 5G/6G networks, and more


The Transformational Networks and Services Group develops foundational network science, network measurement science, engineering, standards, and best practices to support smart industrial transformations critical to national priorities such as industrial automation, smart grids, and smart transportation. The Group’s research efforts include 5G/6G core networks, optical and quantum networking, cloud computing, information-centric networks, edge intelligence, indoor localization, smart grid communication networks, and teleoperation of automated vehicles.



An Adaptable AI Assistant for Network Management

Amar Abane, Abdella Battou, Mheni Merzouki
This paper presents a network management AI assistant built with Large Language Models. It adapts at runtime to the network state and specific platform

A Data Collection Platform for Network Management

Amar Abane, Abdella Battou, Abderrahim Amlou, Tao Zhang
Network management relies on extensive monitoring of network state to analyze network behavior, design optimizations, plan upgrades, and conduct troubleshooting

A Smart Network Repository Based on Graph Database

Amar Abane, Abdella Battou, Mheni Merzouki, Tao Zhang
To address the increasing complexity of network management and the limitations of data repositories in handling the various network operational data, this paper


5G/6G Core Networks and Services

This program aims to advance networking and measurement sciences and promote consensus standards and best practices for the evolution from 5G to 6G, focusing on

Automated Vehicles and AV Communications

Automated vehicles (AVs) will significantly impact our daily lives and improve the competitiveness of our economy. Advances in communications capabilities – for

Edge AI

With significant technology advancement and growing commercialization of edge/fog computing, edge AI (artificial intelligence) has now become a new frontier


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