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STEP Awards

The following people and groups have won Department of Commerce Silver Medal, NIST Bronze Medal, PDES, Inc., or external awards for their work related to ISO 10303 STEP standards.

Department of Commerce Silver Medal Awards

  • Simon Frechette, Joshua Lubell, Allison Barnard Feeney (2005) - for contributions in developing and deploying a new standard to facilitate the exchange of computer-aided design information. They led the progression of International Organization for Standardization (ISO)10303-203 Second Edition to international standard status which culminated in the first modular STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data) standard - a landmark in the technical and strategic method for preparing international standards.
  • John Rumble, Kent Reed, Mary Mitchell (1994) - recognized for their significant contributions that led to the release and approval of the Standard for the Exchange of Product model Data (STEP)

NIST Bronze Medal Awards

  • Robert Lipman (2015) - for significantly accelerating the industrial deployment of key manufacturing standards through the development of the STEP File Analyzer
  • KC Morris and David Sauder (1996) - for the development of the NIST STEP Class Library. The tech transfer impact has been worldwide as this Library has been used by many research and development projects in the US and internationally since its release
  • Fabrication Automation Systems Division staff in the IGES/PDES/STEP Office and the National PDES Testbed, including: KC Morris, Allison Barnard Feeney, Shaw Feng (1993) - for contributions leading to the acceptance of the ISO STEP standard
  • William Danner (1993) - for his contribution to the international standards for automatic exchange of design and construction information

PDES, Inc. Awards

  • Robert Lipman, 2022 Bryan K. Martin Technical Excellence Award - for 10 years of involvement with CAx-IF and LOTAR as an internationally recognized industry leader in improving the implementation quality of PMI in STEP.
  • Thomas Hedberg, 2016 Bryan K. Martin Technical Excellence Award - for project leader of the Testing the Digital Thread project
  • Allison Barnard Feeney, 2015 Brad Rigdon Technical Management Award - for the Application Protocol 242 Edition 2 standard for model-based engineering and 3D design
  • Robert Lipman, 2014 Bryan K. Martin Technical Excellence Award - for technical and leadership contributions in support of both the CAx-IF and LOTAR through the development of the STEP File Analyzer

  • Allison Barnard Feeney, 2006 Bryan K. Martin Technical Excellence Award

  • Joshua Lubell, 2002 Bryan K. Martin Technical Excellence Award - for his contributions to the ISO 10303 modular architecture and implementation methods

Other Awards

Created March 11, 2021, Updated October 6, 2022