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STEP Software

The following are some software and tools that NIST has developed over many years to improve ISO 10303 STEP development and implementation.

  • STEP File Analyzer and Viewer - The STEP File Viewer supports parts and assemblies, dimensions and tolerances, supplemental geometry, datum targets, and point clouds. The Analyzer generates a spreadsheet of all entity and attribute information; reports and analyzes any semantic PMI, graphical PMI, and validation properties for conformance to recommended practices; and checks for basic STEP file format errors.
  • STEP to X3D Translator - open-source software that translates a STEP (ISO 10303) Part 21 file (.stp or .step) to an X3D (ISO/IEC 19776) file (.x3d) or X3DOM file (.html)
  • STEP to OWL Translator (STP2OWL) - is an open-source software, and an improved implementation of OntoSTEP.  STP2OWL translates STEP schemas (EXPRESS) and instance files (Part 21) into Web Ontology Language (OWL) files in a faster and more flexible way, thus furthering the adoption of the full capabilities of ISO 10303.

  • OntoSTEP - adds value to STEP using Semantic Technologies by translating the APs defined in the EXPRESS language (ISO 10303-11), and the actual instance files represented using the ISO 10303-21 (Part 21) format.
  • STEP Class Library (SCL) - a set of C++ class libraries that can represent information conforming to the EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) data specification.
Created March 9, 2021, Updated May 11, 2022