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Community Resilience Center of Excellence

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Working with NIST researchers and partners from 12 universities led by Colorado State University, the Community Resilience Center of Excellence, awarded in February 2015, will accelerate the development of system-level models and associated databases to support community resilience decision making. The center's multi-disciplinary team includes experts in engineering, economics, data and computing, and social sciences. Research will support development of metrics and tools that will help local governments decide how to best invest resources intended to lessen the impact of hazards on buildings and infrastructure systems and how to recover rapidly and minimize community disruption.

The centerpiece of the center's effort is IN-CORE—the Interdependent Networked-Community Resilience Modeling Environment. Built on an open-source platform, the computer model and associated software and databases will incorporate a risk-based approach to decision-making that will enable quantitative comparisons of alternative resilience strategies.

IN-CORE will provide the scientific basis for developing resilience metrics and decision tools to support community resilience of the built environment. The research will include evaluating cascading effects among interconnected infrastructure. In addition, models and tools will integrate social systems vital to the functioning and recovery of communities—health care delivery, education, social services, financial institutions and others.

The center's multi-disciplinary team includes experts in engineering, economics, data and computing, and social sciences from Colorado State University, University of Illinois at Champagne Urbana, University of Oklahoma, Rice University, Oregon State University, Texas A&M University, University of South Alabama, University of Colorado Boulder, California Polytechnic at Pomona, University of Washington, University of Kansas and Iowa State University.

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Created June 12, 2014, Updated January 12, 2018