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Summer High School Intern Program Application Process

Interested students must want to participate in scientific research. In addition, they must currently be juniors or seniors (at time of application) who will have advanced to senior status or graduated from high school by the start of the program. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for consideration into this program. Application due date is TBD. Late applications will not be reviewed. Only US citizens are eligible to apply for this program. 

If you do not see a list of at least 20 questions, as well as a request for the names and e-mail addresses of your recommenders, then you are not in the SHIP application!

  1. One (1) brief resume which must include name, email, high school, GPA, and graduation date (See a sample resume.)
  2. One (1) copy of school transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable at this stage)
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a science, engineering, or technical education teacher.
  4. Personal statement (maximum of one page) which will include:
  5. Form signed by you and your parents indicating your availability for a contiguous 8 week period during the summer if a position is offered and you accept. Use one of these forms:
Created May 21, 2010, Updated November 16, 2021