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The Official Baldrige Blog



Permit me the opportunity to ramble a little, and then I will pull all my musings together. New York Times Puzzles I enjoy solving puzzles! I start each morning

Baseball, Baldrige, and Change Management

I recently read an article on Forbes website by Michael Peregrine about lessons from this season's changes in baseball's pitch clock that apply to corporate

Hey, Noah Webster, I Am Still Around

On two prior occasions, I was motivated by additions to the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to create and update the Hertz Lexicon

Do You Really Want Employees to Stay?

The factors affecting employee engagement have changed dramatically over the last few years. In consideration of off-site employees returning to the office/work

My Life as a Plumber

Background It all started with my bathroom sink. I noticed that it was draining slowly and that I could pull out the pop-up stopper. It was no longer attached

I Have a Wicked Dream

Yes, I have a wicked dream. NO, not that definition of wicked. I mean wicked in the sense meant by scientists when they discuss “wicked problems.” Wicked

Yes! Employee Retention Is Possible!

Is your organization, like so many others today, struggling to recruit and retain a well-qualified and high-performing workforce? Are your workers excited to be

Baldrige for Project Management

Any project, large or small, will require planning and strategy. Project managers or collaborative teams need to not only plan and strategize but to lay a

The Customer Is Always Right. Right?

This is nothing new. The customer is always right. Customers come first. We have heard these adages for a long time. And we have questioned these adages for

Noah Webster Needn't Worry

In a 2016 article in The Guardian, there is a discussion of new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Soon after reading that, I took advantage of the

A Time for G*R*A*C*E

I hope the recently completed holiday season was a joyous one for you. I find this season provides an annual time of reflection for me; a time to be thankful


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About this blog

Blogrige, the official blog of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, shares practical guidance, success stories, examples, and inspiration on how Baldrige resources can support your long-term success, whether your organization is large or small, has one site or worldwide locations, and is just getting started or continuously improving.

The Baldrige Program offers a comprehensive and proven leadership and management framework that focuses on results in all areas of your organization. Learn more about the Baldrige Program, the products and services available to help your organization succeed, and how to self-assess using the Baldrige framework.

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