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Advanced Feedback Editing and Tech Editing

Please note:

The Examiner Resource Center is under development. We will notify Examiners when new content is made available.

Welcome 2022 item leads and scorebook editors! The resources posted on this page provide guidance and models to help you refine your feedback findings in the Virtual Evaluation scorebook. 

Scorebook Editing Resources

2022 Feedback Guidelines Word

Reminder: Feedback findings should consist of

  • A concise opening sentence that expresses a single thought—the "nugget"
  • A few examples
  • The relevance or importance of the nugget to the applicant (optional for strength findings that are not in boldface)

2021-2022 Scoring Band Descriptors Word

2022 Copansburg Regional Health System Case Study Feedback Report (sample for feedback findings and rationales)

Tech Editing 

Welcome 2022 tech editors! Technical editing in 2022 will no longer include the “Part 1” phase of previous years in which a technical editor outside the team provided a high-level review of the draft scorebook and communicated suggestions to the team leader. With the redesigned evaluation process in 2022, technical editing will be limited to the thorough quality check of final scorebooks from the Virtual Evaluation.

Master examiners selected as technical editors in 2022 will ensure that the content of a Virtual Evaluation Scorebook adheres to the 2022 Feedback Guidelines (that is, all findings, including the key themes in the first section, must be actionable, aligned, accurate, and appropriate). The scorebook is then checked for grammar and style by a BPEP editor. The end result is a high-quality report for a feedback applicant—a key customer product of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

2022 Tech Editing Volunteers

Examiners with the expertise to serve in this role (limited to master examiners) will be contacted directly by a BPEP editor in late May and provided with information on the process. Not all volunteers may be selected due to the limited number of scorebooks/feedback reports available each year.

Tech Editing Resources

2022 Tech Editing Step-by-Step Instructions 

2022 Feedback Guidelines Word

2021-2022 Scoring Band Descriptors Word




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Created August 9, 2011, Updated April 30, 2024