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On the Board

Roles of the Baldrige Examiner: support the Award Process / Support Baldrige Program Activities / Serve as a Baldrige Ambassador

Examiner development is an ongoing process that occurs through engaging with the evaluation process and the Criteria in different ways; through online learning, on a team, and other Baldrige-related assignments.

All members of the Board of Examiners complete a prework assignment. In 2020, all Examiner Training will be virtual.  After completing training all examiners are assigned to an Award evaluation team where development and learning continues as examiners complete on-line learning modules and apply their learning to an actual Award application. A significant learning opportunity occurs during the consensus calls, when all examiners on the team share the rationale behind their evaluations and arrive at a consensus scorebook. While on the Board, Examiners may be asked to serve in a variety of roles (PDF) that also serve as development opportunities.

Examiner Training




  • Baldrige Customer Service
    (301) 975-2036
    100 Bureau Drive, M/S 1020
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020
Created January 24, 2011, Updated March 30, 2020