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2022 IEEE Fellow - Sae Woo Nam

For pioneering development of superconducting single-photon detectors with applications to quantum communications and quantum computing.

2020 APS Fellow - Sae Woo Nam

For the pioneering development of high-quantum-efficiency photon detectors and of number-resolving photon detectors; and for the application

John Lehman Elected OSA Fellow

John Lehman is recognized for outstanding work on laser radiometry and applications, with a focus on accurate laser power measurements and

2019 PECASE - Varun Verma

For pushing the frontiers of quantum physics through pioneering new devices that detect and count single particles of light, and for serving

2019 PECASE - Kathryn Keenan

For transforming magnetic resonance imaging into a quantitative tool to diagnose and treat cancer and neurodegenerative diseases through the