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Sae Woo Nam Posthumously Receives Ho-Am Prize

Sae Woo Name holding a circuit

NIST research on quantum computing and communications includes a recent demonstration of a device that can count about 20,000 photons (the smallest units of light) per second. Here, NIST physicist Sae Woo Nam holds a circuit used to amplify signals from the new photon detector. 

Credit: ©Geoffrey Wheeler

The Ho-Am Prize is presented each year to individuals who have contributed to academics, the arts, and social development, or who have furthered the welfare of humanity through distinguished accomplishments in their respective professional fields.

Sae Woo was a world-renowned authority in the fields of quantum mechanics and quantum information science. He developed the world's most efficient single-photon detectors enabling the experimental violation of Bell's inequality, a long-standing controversy in quantum mechanics.

His detector has been widely adopted by research teams around the world for various applications, including quantum computing and the search for dark matter in the universe. 

In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Sae Woo was posthumously selected as the laureate, even though he passed away in January, during the selection process.


Created May 31, 2024, Updated June 11, 2024