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2022 Arthur S. Flemming Award

John Teufel Flemming award


Dr. Teufel is a world leader in the field of quantum optomechanics. His innovations over the last decade have tested fundamental physics and will help enable the future of quantum information. His work has provided key demonstrations of strong optomechanical coupling between microwave circuits and mechanical resonators, leading to one of the first demonstrations of cooling of a mechanical system to its quantum-mechanical ground state. Recently, Dr. Teufel has experimentally tested the limits of quantum mechanics, showing that macroscopic objects can be highly quantum-mechanically coupled ("entangled"). His demonstrated ideas for optomechanical coupling to microwave circuits underpin schemes for "quantum transduction," converting a quantum state between two different technologies, which is essential for the creation of a quantum communications network, a key component of national policy described in the National Quantum Initiative.


John Teufel

Physical Measurement Laboratory, Applied Physics Division