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Generative AI

Develop a companion resource to the AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF), NIST AI 100–1, for generative AI (EO Sec. 4.1(a)(i)(A)) 

In collaboration with the private and public sectors, NIST has developed a framework to better manage risks to individuals, organizations, and society associated with artificial intelligence (AI). The NIST AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) is intended for voluntary use and to improve the ability to incorporate trustworthiness considerations into the design, development, use, and evaluation of AI products, services, and systems.

The focused work by NIST’s Generative AI Public Working Group (GAI PWG)  on a cross-sectoral GAI profile of the AI RMF supports fulfilling this EO assignment. 

Drafts produced by the GAI PWG – and subsequently by NIST after considering comments about the PWG draft and from the RFI – will be available for public comment.


Created December 21, 2023, Updated February 5, 2024