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Synthetic Content

Develop a report on authenticating, labeling, or detecting synthetic content (EO Sec. 4.5(a)) 

NIST is contributing to a report by the Secretary of Commerce to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs that will identify existing standards, tools, methods, and practices – as well as the potential development of further science-backed standards and techniques – for:

  • Authenticating content and tracking its provenance
  • Detecting and labeling synthetic content, with techniques such as watermarking 
  • Preventing generative AI from producing child sexual abuse material or any material containing non-consensual intimate imagery of real individuals
  • Testing software used for the above purposes
  • Auditing and maintaining synthetic content

The work of NIST's Generative AI Public Working Group’s supports this assignment.

NIST will combine the work of the GAI PWG with responses to the RFI in a draft document that will be available for public comment.


Created December 21, 2023, Updated February 5, 2024