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Air / water / soil quality

News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Microplastic and Nanoplastic Metrology

The mission of the Micro and Nanoplastic (MNP) Metrology Project is to assist regulators in assessing the human health and environmental risks associated with


Impact of disaster research on the development of early career researchers: Lessons learned from the wastewater monitoring community pandemic response

Jeseth Delgado Vela, Jill McClary-Gutierrez, Mitham Al-faliti, Peter Arts, Robert Barbero, Cristalyne Bell, Mira Chaplin, Nishita D'Souza, Janet Baffoe, Kevin Bakker, Devrim Kaya, Raul Gonzalez, Kate Harrison, Sherin Kannoly, Ishi Keenum, Lin Li, Zachary Marsh, Brian Pecson, Sarah Philo, Hema P. Ravindran, Jatuwat Sangsanont, Rebecca Schneider, Melissa Schussman, Emily Segelhurst, Abhilasha Shrestha, Lauren Stadler, Allan Vajra, Krista R. Wigginton, Alexandria Boehm, Rolf Halden, Kyle Bibby


Quick Indoor CO2 (QICO2) Tool

This tool is used for implementing the CO 2 concentration calculations. After providing the relevant inputs, or selecting from a number of predefined cases, the

Tools and Instruments

Ozone Standard Reference Photometer

DESCRIPTION The Standard Reference Photometer (SRP) Program began in the early 1980s as collaboration between NIST and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency