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Shelter In Place

Shelter In place tornado ICON

A Shelter In Place (SIP) could be the safest response to a number of emergencies occurring outside your building.  A SIP location is a physical location that provides as many barriers as possible between you and the threat.

  1. A SIP announcement will be made over the loudspeaker.
  2. Move indoors, if appropriate.
  3. Secure research and equipment, if time permits.
  4. Go to a designated SIP location.
  5. If there is no designated SIP location nearby, shut all exterior windows and doors, proceed to an interior space, or stay in the office and move away from windows.
  6. Wait for further instructions.
  7. Remain in a designated safe location until the “All Clear” is announced and you are instructed to return to the office or leave the campus.
  8. After a SIP event, staff should report their status to their supervisors, either in person or using a phone, text, or email.

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Created February 10, 2023, Updated September 26, 2023