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About ESO

Mission Statement

To be the leader in security, preparedness, protection, emergency response, and recovery for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), championed by diverse collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders, to ensure both the workforce and the NIST mission is protected from the ever-changing all-hazard threat environment.

Vision Statement

To compose an Emergency Services Office that is recognized throughout NIST and the local community as the leader in security services at NIST Facilities and supporting relationships with the surrounding communities.

Core Values

  • Integrity. Defining Integrity as honoring one's word, as we have defined "honoring one's word:" 1) provides unambiguous and actionable access to the opportunity for superior performance and competitive advantage at the individual, organizational, and social levels, and 2) empowers the three virtue phenomena of morality, ethics, and legality.
  • Courage. Professional courage involves making bold choices while avoiding career-limiting effects. It involves an ability (or an instinct) to sense opportunities and then seek out the right response and timing.
  • Perseverance. Perseverance is an intentional, ever-improving practice that helps us become leaders who realize the collective potential of people, purpose, and performance.
  • Accountability. Accountability is the ability to practice in a sound and sustainable manner, maintain accountability for their practices, and be held accountable for any deficiencies in their professional activities.
  • Inclusivity. We work collaboratively to harness the diversity of people and ideas, both internally and externally, while championing the strongest solutions to complex, multidisciplinary challenges. 
  • Excellence. Professional Excellence is reflected in our professional commitment to establishing the best practices and honing our technical skills to benefit the Bureau. It is a dedication to the Bureau and ourselves to achieve the highest standards in security while ensuring that our standard is of benefit.

Core Competencies

  • Protection of NIST employees, contractors, visitors, and other tenants.
  • Protection of NIST assets, information, and technologies.
  • Preservation of NIST and other tenant organizations’ ability to conduct NIST’s mission in a secure environment.

Office rules

These set of rules will direct the future of the ESO Office into the future.

  1. Direct open and honest communication – The Truth
  2. No Idea is a Bad Idea.
  3. Always raise the standard in everything we do, our people, our processes, and our products and services.
  4. We’re Team first, Functional Specialist second.
  5. Hire the best people, especially if they are better than us. 
Created June 28, 2023, Updated September 25, 2023