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ROI Sources of Information

  • Federal technology transfer policies and procedures, based on landmark 1980s legislation, continue to support U.S. innovation and have been widely emulated by other countries.

  • In an increasingly competitive environment, it is important to ask:

    • Whether and how current laws, regulations, policies, and practices could more effectively promote transfer of federally developed technologies, knowledge, and capabilities to productive uses?

  • Unleashing American Innovation Symposium
  • Four main Public Forums totaled 341 registered attendees ( Meetings Slides May 17-31)
  • 104 written submissions received in response to Request for Information, representing thousands of stakeholders.
  • Comments and public forum attendance represented a broad cross section of stakeholder community, including universities, industry, government agencies, individuals
  • Other information sources:  Maryland Technology Transfer Summit hosted by NIST (April 20, 2018), extensive stakeholder engagement, and extensive review of prior reports and studies

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Word Cloud of RFI Responses
Created December 4, 2018, Updated November 7, 2019